Saturday, May 25, 2013

Land Of Whim

A while back I found this old book and I loved the title.  Rather than cutting up the book to make my vintage book journals, I hung onto it.  I have always loved the word "whim" because to me, it makes me think of things that are just fun!!  When it came to thinking of a name for my new shop to showcase my denim monsters, I thought of incorporating that word.  I imagined the monsters sort of in their own little area....their own land where they operate on nothing but silliness!!

Today was the big day for the Geeba Geeba monsters to find their way into the land of Etsy, Facebook, and their own Land of Whim!!  I have the best time creating these monsters because they do something that we all need--just about every DAY and that is to SMILE!!  Geeba Geeba means "any silly little thing", which describes them to a TEE!  You can visit them on facebook here: and on Etsy here:

Monday, May 20, 2013

I Gotta Be Me

If you are a follower of my blog you may notice that I've changed it up---quite a bit!!  It hasn't even been quite a year since I dove into the world of blog land.  Being the technology idiot that I am (NOT one of my stronger suites!!), I hired a blog designer to get me started.  While she did a fantastic job, I have just come to realize over time that the blog design didn't really reflect who I am.  Gorgeous as it was, it wasn't filled with the color and whimsy that reflects my personality.  This may not be the fanciest blog with all kinds of cool things on it,  but when I log into it I instantly feel happy!!  I hope you enjoy it and will continue to come back!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Cookin'??

Have I mentioned that I love shopping at GoodWill more than I ever will at Macy's??  Just last weekend I was ready to leave the store and alas, laying there on a table near the door was THIS treasure!!  A small little Betty Crocker cookbook from the 60' era that I loved so much (even as a young child) just because it was so....simple!!  It has its original $1.00 sticker on it...but I paid .50!!

When was the last time you were ever invited to a clambake??  HUGE in the 60's, but not so much now.  Coconut lemon bars sounds like something I need to go in my kitchen and whip up right now!!

I had thought of selling this cookbook to someone in the droves out there that collect these books, but there are actually many recipes in here that sound AWESOME to me! 60's, these graphics are!!  I remember wanting one of these umbrella tables when I was a kid...the thought of eating outside under that colorful canopy just seemed so chic!!

Now wouldn't this be fun??  I just wonder, would this spread stay still enough on waters that look that rough in the background??!!!  Look at those cute little wicker trays with the built in coaster!!  What was your favorite thing about the 60's??

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Geeba Geeba Monsters

My good friend Sue always speaks of a fellow co-worker saying, "She's like a little geeba geeba"...which I had never heard of!  I got curious and looked it up and it means, "Any silly little thing".  I've been making these monsters out of jeans embellished with felted sweaters and other fabrics that have seen better days.  I'm having so much fun with them!!  They all take on personalities of their own, but I was stumped on what to CALL them.  One day it struck me: these are SO SILLY that I'll call them Geeba Geeba monsters!!!  Perfect, huh??!!!

Their overdone smiles, horns, and God-knows-what for hair, just make me laugh out loud sometimes!!  They all have jean pockets on their backs to store candy or other treasures....perfect for the little ones--or big boys and girls who like a tad of silliness in their lives!!  They will soon have their own Etsy store, so stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tag Team

I have to have color in my life....without it, I'd be a very unhappy person!!  Here's my fix: colorful tag pendants cut from vintage tins and embellished on a small brass ball chain with little charms and bead dangles.   These are perfect for Mother's Day (here sooner than you think!!) or to simply savor for yourself!!  Which is your favorite?  I have two!!