Sunday, May 18, 2014

Art in the Alley

There's one show that I do consistently every year.  It isn't for the money, but for the way the gals who run it make you feel: like family!  I've had a rough couple of weeks in these parts.  I was laid off from my job due to a reduction in work force and have been reeling with disbelief and worry.  I've never been jobless in my life and am not quite sure what I'm going to do.   I needed Art in the Alley this year more than ever to take my mind off of the situation and just have FUN!  I had my mind made up to do just that yesterday and I succeeded because even though I didn't leave with a boatload of money in my box, I left HAPPY!

How could you not be happy looking at these faces??!!  My Geebas were the hit of the show yesterday and I loved seeing the kids pick them up!    

Standard jewelry table....a bit of a different set-up for me this year.  See that muffin in the corner of the table??  Those are hand delivered to each table with a smile!  That's why I love it there! 

One woman came to my booth saying that she loved the Geebas and needed one to match her nephew's wild personality....I had the perfect one for her!
So of course I was THRILLED when she had to have more!!!
This sweet lady comes to visit me every year for jewelry, but when she saw the Geebas, she had to grab a couple of them, too!
I knew it was bound to happen at one point:  the twin Geeba girls got separated!  This little gal picked her favorite one, and.....

her sister was back in the suitcase!  No worries, though....I think she's already found herself a cute fella to hang around!!