Sunday, May 18, 2014

Art in the Alley

There's one show that I do consistently every year.  It isn't for the money, but for the way the gals who run it make you feel: like family!  I've had a rough couple of weeks in these parts.  I was laid off from my job due to a reduction in work force and have been reeling with disbelief and worry.  I've never been jobless in my life and am not quite sure what I'm going to do.   I needed Art in the Alley this year more than ever to take my mind off of the situation and just have FUN!  I had my mind made up to do just that yesterday and I succeeded because even though I didn't leave with a boatload of money in my box, I left HAPPY!

How could you not be happy looking at these faces??!!  My Geebas were the hit of the show yesterday and I loved seeing the kids pick them up!    

Standard jewelry table....a bit of a different set-up for me this year.  See that muffin in the corner of the table??  Those are hand delivered to each table with a smile!  That's why I love it there! 

One woman came to my booth saying that she loved the Geebas and needed one to match her nephew's wild personality....I had the perfect one for her!
So of course I was THRILLED when she had to have more!!!
This sweet lady comes to visit me every year for jewelry, but when she saw the Geebas, she had to grab a couple of them, too!
I knew it was bound to happen at one point:  the twin Geeba girls got separated!  This little gal picked her favorite one, and.....

her sister was back in the suitcase!  No worries, though....I think she's already found herself a cute fella to hang around!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Come On, Get Happy!!

Remember "The Partridge Family"?  I used to look forward to that show every week!  I know, I'm dating myself, but I'm loud and proud when it comes to my 70's shows!  When I wanted to design a tin jewelry collection, it all centered around a few tins I had with these fab flowers on them.  It didn't take long to get cutting.....and before I knew it, I found myself singing the theme to the show.  Most of them are in my shop at  Have a happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Land of the Living

I know.....I know.....I've been a bad girl and not posting in a LONG time!  I'll spare you the details, but it's been a crazy life since my last post in July, 2013.   Anyways, I'm back in the Land of the Living and I hope to be posting more nowadays.  I've been making my tin jewelry as usual, but I've really been hitting the sewing machine with my silly creatures.  I wanna share some of them with you!

I'm still using jeans and sweaters, but they've gotten a bit more embellished than my older Geeba Geebas!  If you've forgotten, Geeba Geeba has one meaning of "any silly little thing"---and they are just that!

I started using some cords and other colored jeans....they are a bright little trio!  The one with striped sweater hair was a favorite of mine!

I got lucky in Goodwill and found this fab pair of flowered maternity pants.  I knew what those had to be....twin girls!  Part of the fun is figuring out ways to embellish them.  I like the flowers on their heads!

Lightening struck twice when I found an equally cute pair of checked maternity pants....more twins!

There hasn't been a duo that tickled my funny bone as much as this pair, though.  They are made with a great Old Navy shirt that reminded me of one you may wear at the beach.  That's when I got the idea to make them "surfer dudes".  I used knotted twine hair for the girlie and a buzz cut with twine for the boy.  The hair reminds me of how crazy wild and dried out mine gets swimming among the waves!

Recently my monsters set up house at a local art exhibit in this old soda crate.  They were a cozy set of sardines in there, too!  See the bandits?  They are crafty little fellas scoping the scene.   

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back To My Roots!!!

It's impossible for me to plan a trip back to St. Louis without including a trip to "Roots" on the agenda....just can't even FATHOM the idea!!  This is one of my favorite stores ever and this year, there was an extra good reason to visit: They have moved into their new shop!!

Awesome new space to house all of the goodies that they find when they haunt all of the great estate sales in St. Louis...and anyone who goes to them there knows they are the BEST sales!!  Here you will find just the most quirky cool items.  It's impossible for me to go out of there empty handed!!!   Roots is located in Maplewood, which is on the fast track to becoming one of the most trendy areas there. 

These glass balls just look good enough to eat and in the rustic box, it makes them even more delectable!!  I have no idea of what they are or where they came from, but I don't care!!

Now....if I JUST lived in  that cool industrial loft I dream about, I'm certain I would buy this cool rolling shelf unit that the gals have scored!  The bottom shelf is stocked with some neat wooden and metal boxes with numbers on them....I had to have the one that had lucky number 13 on it--just for fun!!

This normally takes up the majority of my time in Roots....picking through the neat little cards, puzzle pieces, buttons or anything else that strikes my mood!  Again...another interesting piece that I would want for my industrial loft to stash kitchen items or jewelry!!

Pool anyone??!!  Did the girls raid a pool hall going out of business to find this hardy stash or just over time??  No clue, but they are perfect for display!

Truly three of my favorite gals in all of St. trip in and you will instantly know what I mean!  Until next year, keep smiling and finding great stuff for me to drool over!!  Any trip through St. Louis is INCOMPLETE without a trip to Roots.  Skip the arch....besides, what fun things can you buy there??!! LOL!

Monday, July 15, 2013

For The Love Of Turquoise!

It is around this time each year that I make a pilgrimage back to my pick of cities: St. Louis...where I lived before moving to small town Kentucky.  Yes, I miss it...yes, I wish I still lived there!!  This time, I seemed to be seeing the most delicious turquoise items EVER.  They were popping up everywhere and, since I was seeing a pattern develop day after day (when I was hitting every antique mall and flea market I passed!), I started taking pictures!!  Here is the most delightful little garden chair I've ever laid eyes on....out side of a quaint little eatery in New Harmony, Indiana.  I love it, don't you?!!

These books really caught my eye....look at all of the wonderful hues of sky blue and turquoise in there!  It made me want to just buy them all!!

These took my breath away and almost brought me to my knees!!  Aren't these the most STUNNING pair of end tables you've ever seen??  Look at all of that carving and design work--not to mention that the color of paint chosen for them is just gorgeous!!  Check out the turquoise piece in the background....and the top and hat on the mannequin, too!!  She has been perched somewhere in this mall for as long as it's been open...I wish someone would buy her!!!

 Pretty little side table in the window of "The White Rabbit" (stay tuned for that post!!)
Finally, I thought this desk was another great example of how turquoise paint can just liven up a piece and elevate it to something of beauty.  I want to pull up to it and write a good old fashioned letter with pretty postcards stashed in the laptop, no printer, just fragments of nostalgia!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Geeba Friends

I've gotta say that I'm having the time of my life making my Geeba Geeba monsters!  Once I stitch their smiles onto their sweater faces and embellish them with noses, fabric hearts, ears, silly hair and anything else I decide to sew onto them, I'm enchanted by them.  See the one on the far right??  Her flip flops were constructed from Levi's pockets--fun, huh??!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bubble Gum Smugglers

Don't let these three Geeba Geeba monsters fool you....they are smuggling bubble gum and they AREN'T SHARING!!!  When I need a pick me up, I just get busy sewing these guys out of upcycled clothing (in this case, corduroy pants) and before I know it, I'm smiling!!  These geebas have a penchant for Double Bubble gum and they are packing some pieces in their pockets made from sweaters

Those knotted up knees...just silly!!

As usual, most Geebas have pockets sewn on their backs to hold other treasures

I think this one looks as guilty as sin....don't you??!!  These Geebas are perfect for young children because they are always up for adventure!  You can visit them here: