Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bubble Gum Smugglers

Don't let these three Geeba Geeba monsters fool you....they are smuggling bubble gum and they AREN'T SHARING!!!  When I need a pick me up, I just get busy sewing these guys out of upcycled clothing (in this case, corduroy pants) and before I know it, I'm smiling!!  These geebas have a penchant for Double Bubble gum and they are packing some pieces in their pockets made from sweaters

Those knotted up knees...just silly!!

As usual, most Geebas have pockets sewn on their backs to hold other treasures

I think this one looks as guilty as sin....don't you??!!  These Geebas are perfect for young children because they are always up for adventure!  You can visit them here:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Blizzard...and Country Home!

I don't know about you all, but I MISS THIS MAGAZINE!!  I used to subscribe to it and waited anxiously every month to get the newest issue.  Like many other great magazines (Domino, Home Companion, to name a couple), it's long gone now...but we do have some respite: the issues that come out around four times a year!  I was happy to see this in the store today, grabbed it and headed to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard (Reeces...the best kind!!) so I could enjoy the two on my back deck!!!
I remember the "Let's Go Antiquing" issue always came out in the summer...always the kick start I needed to get my treasure hunting mojo going!! 

I've always been entranced with these flower frogs...the wire kind and the ceramic ones, too.  My grandmother had many of them laying around and I used to play with them...putting dandelions in them for special table arrangements.  Nowadays, I stick pictures, business cards and the like in them

They look good enough to eat!

I lingered on this page for one reason: that huge armoire!  I have absolutely no room for one of those in my house, but would be happy to give up the very bed I sleep in to have one in its place!  How bad could the couch really be to sleep on, after all??!!!!

I love this table...I love the color, the shape...everything!!!  I also admire anyone who goes out on a limb for such delicious upholstery as this!!

Anyone who comes in my house gets the picture pretty quickly: I am a pottery addict!  I fell in love with it long ago as a child (again...thanks to Grandma!!) and have been in serious need of rehab since then!!  There's something about the colors...sherbet colored hues that make my mouth water...I can NEVER turn a pretty piece away, either!

Equally addicting are these precious little pots....I love to put cactus in mine or plants like this!!

This took my breath away...I LOVE LOVE that chippy piece with the sweet painted flower...GORGEOUS!!  I have one of those wooden pieces in yellow--now I just have to find a flower like that and I'm good to go!!

Break out the glass doorknobs!!  This is a cute idea!

Saved the best for last...don't you love that little blue cabinet?!! I have no idea of what that was used for, but the fact that someone had the wonderful idea to paint it that blue just delights me!!  I love the painted piece for casual hats and bags, too.  The best part about the whole picture??  Of's that pretty crown!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun Book Journals

If you were like me, I LOVED Dr. Suess books as a child...and most were the first books I learned to read!  It's only natural that I love finding those books in good condition and reclaiming them as book journals.  Here's a sweet little collection of ones I've made with some of my favorite titles.   Doodle your dreams, write your life story, OR reveal your darkest secrets!!! I'm partial to "There's a Wocket in my Pocket"  What's your favorite?  Visit me on Facebook and comment if you are interested in owning one!