Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Layered Stitched Hearts

I've had some neat tins laying around back in my studio for a while...trying to get in the mood to cut them.  The joints in my thumbs, so says the doc, are slowly deteriorating and some days I just can't bring myself to break out the shears.  BUT, when I got out the old Lucky Strike cigarette tin, I put the pain in my thumbs aside and got to work!!  While photographing them today I ran out of daylight and couldn't show the backs of them...which are different tins stitched to the front one.

I searched a while to find the tin for the smaller heart that I wanted and when I came upon this bright one with almost the same colors, I went with it!!  These hearts are sometimes like putting puzzles together...when I found that putting it right along the side worked, it was magic!!

I've had this old foreign cigarette tin laying around for quite a while...just waiting to find THE perfect project for it.  I LOVE LOVE the bright flowers on it and the mysterious bearded man!  Most of all, I love that word "Speciale" on there...perfect for a valentine!  The little heart with the sun burst sets it off.  These stitched hearts just make me happy!!