Sunday, October 7, 2012

Metal Meets Stitch

Don't you love tin??  I love the colorful, whimsical patterns on them....which elevates them to a real art form.  I got the idea that I wanted to pair the beauty of the tin with my other obsession: denim!!  I thought of somehow combining the two mediums and my "Heart of Tin" pendants were born!!  Just looking at the plate of them makes me happy...they look good enough to eat!!
I love the weathered look of the upcycled denim!  The pendants have two layers of denim on them
Then the fun part....adorning them with colorful beads!!
The real thrill for me came when "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" accepted my idea for their publication!  It was the first time I had seen anything of mine in print!
I loved their display of them as well!  I've listed some of my pendants in my Etsy shop, themadcutter.  Another sweet deal: FREE USA SHIPPING on everything in my shop--from now on!!!  What are you crafting lately??