Sunday, May 5, 2013

Geeba Geeba Monsters

My good friend Sue always speaks of a fellow co-worker saying, "She's like a little geeba geeba"...which I had never heard of!  I got curious and looked it up and it means, "Any silly little thing".  I've been making these monsters out of jeans embellished with felted sweaters and other fabrics that have seen better days.  I'm having so much fun with them!!  They all take on personalities of their own, but I was stumped on what to CALL them.  One day it struck me: these are SO SILLY that I'll call them Geeba Geeba monsters!!!  Perfect, huh??!!!

Their overdone smiles, horns, and God-knows-what for hair, just make me laugh out loud sometimes!!  They all have jean pockets on their backs to store candy or other treasures....perfect for the little ones--or big boys and girls who like a tad of silliness in their lives!!  They will soon have their own Etsy store, so stay tuned!!!


  1. Your Geeba Geeba monsters make me smile every time I see them!! Thank you (and thank them from me!) for helping to brighten my day. They're so adorable and have so much personality. I can't wait till they have an etsy shop of their own! They will bring so much joy to their new owners!!

  2. Thanks, Ann!! I hope so! They are so ugly, they are cute I think!!