Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Cookin'??

Have I mentioned that I love shopping at GoodWill more than I ever will at Macy's??  Just last weekend I was ready to leave the store and alas, laying there on a table near the door was THIS treasure!!  A small little Betty Crocker cookbook from the 60' era that I loved so much (even as a young child) just because it was so....simple!!  It has its original $1.00 sticker on it...but I paid .50!!

When was the last time you were ever invited to a clambake??  HUGE in the 60's, but not so much now.  Coconut lemon bars sounds like something I need to go in my kitchen and whip up right now!!

I had thought of selling this cookbook to someone in the droves out there that collect these books, but there are actually many recipes in here that sound AWESOME to me! 60's, these graphics are!!  I remember wanting one of these umbrella tables when I was a kid...the thought of eating outside under that colorful canopy just seemed so chic!!

Now wouldn't this be fun??  I just wonder, would this spread stay still enough on waters that look that rough in the background??!!!  Look at those cute little wicker trays with the built in coaster!!  What was your favorite thing about the 60's??


  1. I am laughing as I was looking at all that slippery wicker, glasses full of ice and flaming hibachi on the table and how dangerous this would be on a boat lol!!! We were so adventurous in the sixties!

  2. It certainly was a different day and age!! I guess back then our parents thought things were maybe bad (the war, drugs, music, etc...) but boy...I'd go back to that time in a minute!! LOL!