Saturday, May 25, 2013

Land Of Whim

A while back I found this old book and I loved the title.  Rather than cutting up the book to make my vintage book journals, I hung onto it.  I have always loved the word "whim" because to me, it makes me think of things that are just fun!!  When it came to thinking of a name for my new shop to showcase my denim monsters, I thought of incorporating that word.  I imagined the monsters sort of in their own little area....their own land where they operate on nothing but silliness!!

Today was the big day for the Geeba Geeba monsters to find their way into the land of Etsy, Facebook, and their own Land of Whim!!  I have the best time creating these monsters because they do something that we all need--just about every DAY and that is to SMILE!!  Geeba Geeba means "any silly little thing", which describes them to a TEE!  You can visit them on facebook here: and on Etsy here:


  1. The Land of Whim is a perfect name, Karen!! (I read all of Grace Livingston Hill's books when I was a teenager. Thanks for bringing back that memory.) I love your Geeba Geeba monsters!!

  2. Thanks, Ann! That's cool that you've read some of the author's books...have you read this one? I love making the Geeba Geebas and now that I'm OFF FOR THE SUMMER, I plan on experimenting more!

  3. Hi Karen, I just now saw your reply to my comment! I don't remember if I read this particular book, but my library had a whole bookshelf filled with Grace Livingston Hill books, and I read them all during one summer! It was so nice to escape into them! Grace Livingston Hill was an extremely prolific writer!