Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frayed...and Dazed!

This little guy just makes me laugh....he's for sure quite frayed and dazed!  I've been on such a kick lately to work with some of the fabrics I have around my house.  I love the idea of creating something huggable...maybe because I work with young children!  He was constructed with an old pair of jeans and other fabrics from shirts, dresses, and anything else I could cut up.  He was treated to a good washing to make him "hairy".  He sorta reminds me of a little old man with bushy eyebrows!  His smile is contagious....I tried him out with a few of my kiddos today!!  Those knotted up knees and elf feet had them giggling in no time!

I love to add pockets to my monsters on the back because most kids like to store little treasures inside of them.  This pocket was cut from the most fantastic pair of floral jeans....I almost didn't want to cut them up, but after all of the Easter jellybeans I ate,  I had my doubts about the size!  Anyways, this little monster needs a name--but I'm stumped!!


  1. Oh my goodness, he is the cutest thing! I really needed a pick me up this morning and he was it! How about Harold for a name? Love your work!

  2. I love him, Karen!! Thanks for making me smile! What about Griswald for his name...Grizzy for short. Whatever you name him, he sure is a blessing and will make some kid (even an old kid!) very happy!!

  3. Thanks, guys! I have others cut out, but haven't made it to the machine yet! I like both of those names, too!