Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meet the Pixie Chicks!

Happy Easter everyone!!  I've been itching to try something new for a while....something fanciful and just, well....SILLY!!  As in my jewelry, I love to mix it up using unexpected combinations.  These two gals are up and ready for ADVENTURE!  They are crafted from reclaimed fabrics that have seen better days....sweaters, jeans, and shirts.  Their faces say it all---it's time to party!!!

The Pixie Chicks have jean pockets on their backs loaded with some type of confection that they need for the this case, it's sour Skittles----and they AREN'T sharing!!  The pockets can hold any little treasure found along the path or perhaps a tooth for the tooth fairy??!!  These would make perfect gifts for children.  Stay tuned...they will soon have their own Etsy Shop!!


  1. WOW Karen, they look to cool!!! Love the little pocket in the back and the bright colors, just adorable!!!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Diana!! It's fun to see how their expressions come out when completed! I hope you have also had a great Easter!!