Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Old Hollywood

When I came across this powder tin I fell in LOVE....the colors, the pattern, those gold and black stripes!  It reminded me of something that may have been on Rita Hayworth's dressing table back in the day with a cute puff inside.  It sat for quite a while in my studio...I didn't want to rush it.  Yesterday I finally got a vision--and I was determined to milk as many pieces as I absolutely could from it!!
The words written in french....ahhhh......
I was set on using those stripes in one of the pieces, so these were the first pieces I created...graphic yet soft at the same time!
Had to create a necklace, of course, and I wanted to capture all of the little details in the patterns!
I so wanted to use the pretty arch on the lid where the turquoise met the stripes and combine it with the flowers.  I'm so sad that this tin is long gone now (at least the flower portion), but I'm happy with how much I was able to get out of it!!


  1. I love them all, Karen!! I especially like the earrings with the stripes - they are so different! You and your work are truly amazing!!

  2. Thanks, Ann! Yes, when I saw those stripes, I was hooked!