Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back To Haight-Ashbury

I've had a trio of tea tins that I've been dying to cut into....and I knew just what I wanted to make!  This bracelet reminds me of something one of the flower children may have worn while hanging around the Haight-Ashbury district back in the 60's....full of color and what else--FLOWERS!!

And these, my friends, are what has kept me going until the wee hours creating in the studio!  Behold "Rolo Sandwiches"....a dirty little secret of mine!  Here's what you do:  Put Ritz crackers face down on a cookie sheet (I used whole wheat to make myself feel SOMEWHAT better!).  Top them with a Rolo and put them in a 350 degree oven.  Bake until just beginning to melt (usually 3-5 min.).  When they come out, top them with another cracker...let 'em cool until just warm and then prepare to be addicted!!!


  1. I LOVE your bracelet! I have been wanting to try something similar to your design.... and I must say that I will definitely be trying your Rolo Sandwhiches..... Oh yum.....

    Thanks for sharing!