Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Be Blunt

I recently won a grouping of tins on Ebay which I bid on for one MAIN reason....THIS TIN!!  I thought I would fall over when I saw the gorgeous colors and scenery...I'm such a sucker for that stuff!!

Isn't she GORGEOUS??!!  Look at that hour glass figure and cool, come hither look!!

I've decided I need to have a room painted either the color of this peacock or the mountains in the background...maybe both!! It amazes me that someone went to the trouble to design a cigarette tin with this type of detail and color. 

I'm obsessed with making these hearts...combining bits and pieces from other tins I have laying around...then stitching them together with wire

The crusty little heart along side of our Mexican bombshell is the edge of an old laxative tin.  I sealed this heart because I didn't want it chipping off anymore.  I love the way it all looks so nicely aged

Here's our peacock on the back...he was aged and got a patina bath!  Like it?  It's going in my Etsy shop tonight....themadcutter.etsy.com!!