Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm Blaming Ki!!

I wasn't sure what I would do with a lazy Saturday stretched before me...this is the calm before the "marching season storm" so to speak, so I had one weekend to do something productive.  That meant going to Orange Leaf and kicking back with some frozen yogurt and the newest Flea Market Style.  I knew when I opened it that my day was drastically about to change!!  These great magazines inspire me to go out and look for stuff!!!!  Ki is the absolute maven of junking and just thumbing through the pages of her magazine is enough to make me gulp the yogurt down, throw the car in drive and head to one of my favorite junking spots.....

....which is this place!!  This is an older couple who has turned an out building next to their house into a virtual playground for junkers!  You are guaranteed to find just about any and everything in there at one point or another! 

It's wall to wall goodies and the owner, Connie, is VERY organized...everything is grouped and easy to find.  That way, if you are in there looking for something specific, she knows where it is!!!

Old bottles, anyone??

I always look at this chair when I visit and think how it would look with a nice coat of turquoise paint with some rust coming through....I may just get it one day!!  I can fix anything with turquoise!!

LOVE this old 60's glass set...perfect for the lovers of decorating their houses like the set of "Mad Men"!!!

I have found many a great frame that have been redone in the past in this section of the store

Loved this cement lawn dog....he's waiting patiently!

Speaking of dogs, no self respecting junk store worth its salt would be without a good shop dog or two....or three...with cats as companions!  This is just one of the precious buddies there.  He's likely worn out from everyone who showers him with love when they come in.  I'm guilty as charged!!

But this little gal is the queen bee...all stretched out in the sun and waiting for a scratch or two.  She looked like she had gotten into a mess because her fur was a  Nonetheless, I couldn't pass up the chance to love on her a bit!!

Found some great tins for my jewelry projects...pennies on the dollar!

I have a plan for these!

 A swing by the Bluebird Market today yielded some great postcards for 50 cents a piece.  I just LOVE the old linen postcards...especially ones that are from Florida.  I'd like to park myself in one of those chairs outside of this old hotel and take in the coastal breeze.  I can dream, can't I???

I think the colors in this one are so gorgeous.  They just don't make postcards like this anymore!!


  1. Great pictures Karen! I love the flower tin, can't wait to see what gorgeous piece of jewelry you will create from it!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey girlfriend! I LOVE reading your blog! It makes me feel like I've spent a little time with you as I can just hear you expressing each caption as only you can! Keep it up! Maybe one of these days a little of your creativity will rub off on me. :)

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for dropping in! The blog has been so much fun, for sure!! I love you!