Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hanging Onto Summer....For Dear Life!!!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE summer and don't care for fall???  Oh...okay, yes I remember now that I have bored you a time or two with that detail!! LOL!  I have come home from work this past week wishing summer could just I decided to pour it into my work!  I forgot about this tea tin that I had with a FAB pattern of flowers and a cute checkered background...begging to be earrings, of course!!  Aren't the colors just absolutely happy??? 

Then came the little charm necklace with flowers and a lone butterfly...who is hanging onto summer for all HE is worth!!

Domed tin butterfly hung in tandem with a weathered brass was pure serendipity that the bead nestles perfectly within the brass jump ring!!

Take your pick of my gift envelopes....Did you know that tin is the preferred gift for the ten year anniversary??  I didn't either until I began to craft my jewelry!  Paper is the gift for the one year....all of it found in my shops!!'s never too early to even shop for Christmas!! (which means cold weather and maybe snow....UGH!!!!)

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