Sunday, September 9, 2012

Iron Baby Angel Antiques

Do you have a favorite booth within an antique mall that you hit up?  It seems I have one in just about every mall I've ever frequented and in my tiny town we only have ONE MALL!!!  I's torture being a transplant from a huge city with ones all over!!  This booth inside of that one mall is my favorite--probably of any mall on my long list!!

That's probably because Libby and Jodi (the creative minds behind this booth) are the absolute BEST pickers of COOL STUFF...and the way they display it in their space is just appetizing!

I love the crusty screen door and all of the the variety in's like being in a different little mall within a mall!

I could stay in this booth all day just taking it all in....I feel like I HAVE on some visits!!

I want those suitcases!

Love the old prints behind the window panes

Yummy...huh??  I must inquire about those two white tables...perhaps an "I-featured-your-booth-on-my-blog" discount is in order??!!!

I could also love that vintage game for a wall I have!!!


  1. yes, love jodi and libby's booth! you should see jodi's house. it is a feast for the eyes everywhere you look!
    so proud to call jodi my little sister and it is so awesome that you featured libby and jodi's booth on your blog.

  2. Somehow I missed this comment! Yes, I love those gals--you are lucky to have Jodi as a sister! Thanks for visiting my blog!