Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hidden Treasure

As you all know, I'm all about finding unearthed treasures....that thrill of finding something you've searched for OR finding something extra within another treasure.  That's what happened to me this morning!!   I'm obsessed with those old jewelry boxes...the ones with the little lock.... and search for them any and everywhere I go.  The higher they stack, the better.  I went to a flea market a few weekends ago and found a little one...perfect to go on top of my growing stack.  For a mere $3, I couldn't pass it up.   It was in rough condition, though, and even with cleaning (gotta love the Chlorox wipes!) it's still pretty weathered looking.  Today I was thinking of what to put in there....and upon opening it, I found a treasure I didn't know was there...a cute little frame with an unknown man's picture inside.  It even has a bail at the top to attach to a chain--the heart did beat a bit faster!!


  1. The man in the photo was most likely the love of someone's life, and she probably wore the pendant to keep him close to her heart... If only we knew the stories of the treasures we find. I'm so glad you discovered it, as I know it will gather more stories and be cherished once again.

  2. I know!! I wish I knew the stories behind the treasures (same thing as the diary...but I may actually have a lead on that one!!). I would love to reunite it with someone who knows that man, honestly!!