Friday, July 6, 2012

Crazy Daisy

Today was my son's last day of jazz camp in Louisville, Kentucky.  Every year, I make a pilgrimage to the best antique mall there in Louisville...The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall!  This mall is right up there in the top five of my all-time favorite malls...there's SO MUCH there to look at--very unique things, as you will shortly see!!

Here is a super cool piece from some type of railing or porch post...not sure, but it was neat!!

This booth had tons of bakelite

I'm always intrigued by these neat painted metal hooks...if I only had a place for them!!

As a collector of pottery, I have to stop at these vignettes to get my heart to stop pounding!!  That yellow vase...I l almost bought that AND the frog.  My wallet would have been the one having slow the palpitations, but it would have been WORTH IT!!

LOVED the little pink ladder...perfect display piece for the yummy sherbet-colored flower pots!!

Sigh...I'm such a sucker for these old pictures featuring kids....betcha they were sisters--look how sweet!!

This booth had nothing but men's clothing and it was impeccably hanger out of place (unlike my hubbie's side of our closet!  I love the Hawaiian shirts!

"Come into my booth, why don't you??"  This mannequin dressed as Santa was a little creepy and the way they turned that hand....just another thing that makes you go "Hmmm"!!!  BUT, it's a perfect example of the eclection in this mall! LOL!

A shot of only one aisle in the basement....all the good stuff is always in the basement!!  All the other goodies above were upstairs.  It seems I always find all of MY goodies down here, though!!

As hard as I try, I just CANNOT pass up a suitcase!!!  The top one became mine....and it came just in time because my hands were full of my goodies by then!!

I wish I collected these...I would have snapped this happy couple up at a small price of $5!!

WHERE on earth would you EVER find a Jimmy Walker doll with "DYNOMITE" written on his clothing??? Of course, THE CRAZY DAISY!!!

I swear, if I had room for her I would have brought her home!!  Isn't she just plain FUNKY??!!  My husband said, "She HAD to be a panty hose mannequin from the 70's!!"  Likely right!!

Well, it was another great day at the Crazy Daisy in Louisville, Kentucky, as usual!!  Those books will become journals, the tins will magically become jewelry and the small bag of mother of pearl buttons will turn into bracelets (at some point!)

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