Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book Journals

Whew...I've punched about 30 of these puppies today!!
Fun title for a journal for someone with an adventurous life, I suppose!!
What an oldie but goodie!!  Everyone wants journals with the old Dr. Suess books, I've found!
Awww....gotta love those old fashioned young girl romance books!!
Perfect title for a diary!!
You may wonder why the bag of Raisinets is here....that was my comfort food while punching!!
Happy 4th everyone!  While others are having fun at the pool or a cookout, I've been catching up on preparing my books to make my journals.  I'm on a constant treasure hunt for books with cool titles or themes that I can use.  It's a lot of fun to see what I can unearth.  The local boutique that carries my jewelry screams for more of these....they sell like hotcakes!!


  1. YAY, Karen!! I'm so glad that your work is selling well at that local boutique. It must make you really happy to know how much other people love your journals!! You do such amazing work!

  2. Thanks again, Ann! I think you are my biggest fan!! :)