Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Ragged Gypsy

Maybe some of you are too young, but for those of us who were tweens or teenagers back in the 70's, we remember making quickie bags out of old jeans.  I have a vivid memory of one of my friends having one that just made me green with envy...though it was nothing more than a simple bag.  I was on a mission to make my own and it came out okay if I do say so myself!  When I went about crafting bags recently, I played on those memories...but I wanted something a little more upgraded.  Here is just a sampling of my line of "Ragged Gypsy Bags" made in the image of those 70's bags...with a twist.  I like to embellish my bags with flaps decorated with flowers (some removeable pins), a little bling, skeleton keys with beads attached on the loops or anything else I can find laying around the caravan!  The gpysy uses what she has and makes the most of it.  After all, she knows life is just a vagabond adventure and the open road is hers!!

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