Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back to St. Louis--"Red Lead"

I visited so many cool places on my recent trip back to my hometown of St. Louis that I have to do separate posts!!  My new friend, Ann, introduced me to the most enchanting store I've ever been in: "Red Lead" in Webster Groves, Missouri.  Over lunch she casually said, "Have you ever been to Red Lead?  It's a fun store for anything mixed media."  I couldn't make it to the door quick enough!!!

They had ME at this green dresser just inside the door!!

How cute is SHE??!!  I am huge lover of dress forms and this one with her lights....ah...I could have fainted!!

Pops of color on the wall with those pretty washed red frames and darling tags/cards

COOL idea for jazzing up your tent at shows: take an old lampshade (sans the fabric) and hang your goodies from it and attach to the top of your tent!  I make jewelry, but I may need to figure out a way to do this!  I LOVE the pop of the black and white eye went right to it!

Love the teacup!!

It was this space that made me want to fall over dead....a super cool workroom down the stairs near the back of the store!  This is where the magic happens at Red Lead....classes, workshops, late night creating or anything else they choose to do with the awesome space!  I could have moved a mattress down there, gone without food and water for DAYS just looking at all of the neat stuff!!

And speaking of mattress....cute crib springs loaded with tons of tags!

This was such a cute idea, I thought:  the owners obviously had collected lots of mismatched bowls, compotes, cups, etc...and filled them with any and everything you could imagine to use in art projects.  The eclectic-ity of it was so charming!


Couldn't you just EAT all of this glitter??!!  My good friend, Sue, would go NUTS in this place!

I love the way the frames were turned into shelves....and the detail on the old pretty!!

Cute journals hanging from drawer pulls...precious!!

Nests, anyone?  Proof that they have just about anything you may want in there!!

Buttons, ribbons, grab bags....I could have bought them all!!

Get the picture??  If you are a mixed media artist or just want a HUGE dose of eye candy, pay a visit to Red Lead!  They do have a website, too!!!

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