Monday, July 16, 2012

Back To St. Louis--"Roots"

A store that cannot even be must be experienced!!!
Before moving to the huge metropolis of Danville, Kentucky I lived in the wonderful city of St. Louis...and in St. Louis is my ultimate favorite eclectic store called Roots.  This store is TO DIE FOR because it has the best salvage goodies in it....I never want to leave once I get in there!!!

One thing that makes this store cool is the actual lay-out of the homey, wonderful lighting and the gals who own it treat you like family!

I knew that triangular ceiling tin would haunt me...and I was RIGHT!!!  I should have bought it because it won't be there next WEEK, much less next summer!! :(

Cool back room....You just KNOW you will find something you can't live without in a room like this, huh??!!

Roots has the coolest selection of little word cards...found anywhere and everywhere.  The day I was there I sifted through hundreds of them to search for words related to my art.  With the help of one of the owners who relentlessly helped me, we were able to find some good ones!!!

Man, what I could do with this COOL industrial piece in my studio...I mean, the one I WILL have someday!!  This looks like something that may have been used long ago in some type of restaurant to haul dishes back and forth??  Only the gals at Roots could tell you!!

Fun collection of letters and numbers from all kinds of signage...

They can't keep rakes in the store when they get them, wonder why??  They always have cool displays like this for their customers to get inspiration from!!  I never wanted a rake so bad in my LIFE after seeing this idea!!!!

FUN....number plates from vintage metal locker baskets


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  1. What a neat shop!! I've been wanting to travel on a photo expedition to Maplewood soon - I'll have to check it out! By the way, I know I've told you before, but I totally love your blog!!

  2. Thanks Ann!! Oh MUST get over to Roots. There is no other store like it that I've ever been in before!!

  3. What a neat place to visit. I love the garden rake idea. Hm, I wonder what my husband would say if ours comes up missing from the garage?

  4. I know! It is such a cool idea...especially to help organize the studio!!