Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to St. Louis: "Cherokee Street"

So here I am on my third installment of my trip back to St. Louis...and this is one of my favorite destinations: Cherokee Street!  The old buildings turned shops and restaurants are continual favorites, though many seemed to have closed over the years.  I'm featuring two stores that seem to never lose their appeal, even though the economy has taken a hit.  I believe it's because they are just SO MUCH FUN!!!!

This store has more cool stuff than you can shake a stick at!  I didn't take pictures of the inside (a bit dim) and even though there is a plethora of stuff in there, the REALLY cool stuff is out back in what I lovingly refer to as "The Magic Garden".  This is just an incredible space FILLED with fun stuff.  The problem is...NONE of it is for sale!! 

I mean, LOOK at this!! I could stand out here all day long and never see enough.  You aren't allowed to go beyond a certain point, so I've never been up close to any of it....good thing the camera could be!

I've admired this Siesta Motel sign for least 20 or so....but all I can do is look.  I'm not sure why the owner doesn't consider selling it because he'd have a whole line of folks ready with their wallets open!!!   He's actually a man of few words.... I've never quite been able to engage him in much conversation, but still lots to look at!!

More fun signs...ready for the picking!

Down the street is "Panorama"....a true visual treat of folk art and antiques!  Isn't the sign enough to draw you in??!!

Love the outdoor chalkboard....a hint of what is inside

My eyes danced around the room and landed squarely on this table full of folk art creatures called "The Misunderstoods".  These are all handmade by one of the owners, Mitch.  I love the colors and expressions on their faces.  I got so excited over everything in the store and talking to Mitch that I left without buying the orange cat in the back.  I may need to call to have him shipped!!

I loved them all....hard to choose!!

In the glass case were "The Mizfitz" and I was just enchanted by them!

LOVE her clothes made with old trading stamps and that little plastic appetizer fork...she's on a mission!!!

These wall hangings just made me smile with their hair and mouths full of pearly teeth

Mitch happened to be working on a skeleton that day and was doing some meticulous stitching

I almost forgot Bentley!  He is the shop's vicious sweet dog who greets everyone at the door...he was good enough to pose for me, too!!

If you find your way to St. Louis, you gotta make the journey down to Cherokee Street to check out The Purple Cow and the enchanting world of Panorama....give Bentley an extra hug for me!!

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