Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Bluebird Market"--A Cause For Kids

Imagine having an idea of asking people to donate what they don't want to you, organizing them, pricing them, setting up displays like you may see in a magazine, selling it all, and then...donating every penny of the money you've made to a wonderful cause:  a community preschool for children with developmental delays to help them stay open....can you imagine it??

Libby Suttles could....and DID!!  There she is on the right greeting customers in her newest brainchild store called "The Bluebird Market" in our little Danville, Kentucky.  Libby previously worked for United Way so she's always been in the "What-Can-I-do-for-YOU?" mentality rather than the "What-Can-YOU-do-for-ME?" frame of mind.

Did I also mention that Libby and her business partner Jody Arnold also have a booth called "Iron Angel Baby" in our town's antique mall??  That gives you an idea of why she is the go-to girl for creative the one here that she saw on Pinterest!

Fun vintage hangers from an old department store here in town hang on the walls creating an "Oh-I-gotta-do-that!!" feeling!

Oooohhhhh....I wanted this!!  BUT, it wasn't for sale!!

Neat fan cover for displaying pictures and the like

A burst of color....paper pom poms and a pallet bed made me want to curl up with a book and take a short nap!

Because everything is donated, you never KNOW what you may find there!! I should have bought this for the hubby, who adores The Music Man!!

Another one of Libby's signature displays...I love the bottle label!!

My hanger addiction was fed today...for $1 a piece, who could resist??!!

Found these vintage card decks in a box for a cool quarter....

Book with a fun title for my journals!!  So....if you find your way to our little town, be sure to find the Bluebird market and spend to your heart's content...knowing that your money is going to a great cause--for the kids!!


  1. Neat shop! Your town has some really interesting places - maybe someday I will be able to visit - it seems to have a lot of character!

  2. Ann, it really is a sweet place to live if you are a small town person!!