Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Feel of An Old Book....

If your eyes are gazing upon this picture and you have let a little "Ahhhh" fall from your lips, then you and I are from the same era!!  What young girl back in the day didn't love Nancy Drew???  Wasn't she the coolest super sleuth EVER???!!!  I can't tell you how many of these I read, but I do know I couldn't put them down!  My cousin had the whole collection and when I went to her house I would sit at her bookcase for what seemed like hours looking at the covers.  We didn't quite have the money for wonderful luxuries...many of mine came from the library.  When I started making vintage book journals I gravitated to Nancy Drew books.  It gives me a chance to relive those wonderfully stretched out summer days with nothing to worry about except whether Nancy would solve the mystery!!

I loved the cover of this one because of two things: guessed it....that cool yellow dress AND the neat dragon fireworks!  My eyes STILL dance around the cover to this day!!

Ooohhhhh.....Nancy has the intense "Am I going to pull this off??" face going on here!!  And who doesn't like the circus performers??  As I look at these covers today I see just how yummy the colors were, too.  I'm headed off to the gallery hop in our tiny town tomorrow night hoping to sell every last one of these book journals to women who loved these books as much as me!  For other book journals, visit me at  I'll be adding lots more over the next few weeks.  By the way...what was YOUR favorite Nancy Drew book????

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  1. Thanks for the memories, Karen. Your post made me smile. I regret never reading Nancy Drew; for some reason I read Hardy Boys instead. I loved those mysteries. Life was surely simpler then.