Friday, August 3, 2012

Glory Days--The 127 Yard Sale!!

Ahhh....the dirt road that leads to tent after tent filled with potential goodies!! Welcome, my friends, to the now famous 127 Yard Sale!!  Every year during the first week of August, the world comes to an abrupt halt so that junkers can unite at the mother of all sales...and it runs right through the town I live in!! I don't mean to rub it in, but.....
Does your heart beat quicker just looking at this picture??  I know...mine, too!!
I know these will haunt me...a WHOLE BOX of cabinet cards for $20??  And I walked AWAY???  Yeah, it gets better....he said he would take $15 and I STILL walked away!!!!
Loved this chair...walked away from it, too!!  I love the color they took the time to paint it!
This booth was set up so cute...eye candy galore!  If you want to visit these folks, their business card is the last picture in this post.  Their prices were very fair and the vendors very nice
I was in love with the Pepto Bismal colored die for!!
These are haunting me now, too...who can have too many crates???  I guess this vendor did because he was unloading them at $10 a piece!!  Sigh...yes....I walked away from them, too!
Yummy colors painted on simple frames
How gorgeous is this??
Off the beaten path, I found this neat industrial letter sorter.....and again, I WALKED AWAY!!!  Someone snapped it up when they saw me packing, too.  It probably looks super cool in their office!!
So, I'm driving down the road and I see a sign that says "Barn Sale" with an arrow pointing down a country road....Um...YES, PLEASE!!!!
The owners had meticulously set up that barn like an antique mall....with booths and all!!  Don't you love the summer sun streaming through the old wood planks, too??
Who didn't love Ken??!!  Look at him here with his cool white shoes, snappy sweater, new hair cut and his college pennant!! The vendor said he had never seen a Ken case....only lots of Barbie ones.  This puppy was $5...but I walked away!! 
In one booth was this super cool vintage shopping cart....boy, I wanted that, too!!  I'm trying to picture a housewife during that era shopping with it!  I guess that was before all of the junk food that fills MY store cart was out and took up so much room!!!
You may be wondering what I DID NOT walk away from...THIS!!!  One woman had a nice little stack of some "Where Women Create" magazines, other Stampington issues, and this lonely little Somerset Life.  I have NEVER seen those wonderful publications at any sale or even in antique malls...naturally they became mine!!
This was a particularly good find because most vendors want anywhere from $5-20 for these tobacco tins.  I love to incorporate them into my jewelry, but have to walk away if they are too much.  This vendor had a sign that said, "Make me an offer on my stuff...I don't want to pack any of it back up!!"  Well, alrighty, sir--I can do that!!!!  I offered him a dollar a piece...and he TOOK IT!!!  Gotta love these 127 dealers!!!
The's out there at the 127!  I just love the face on this mannequin...quite the thinker, huh??  I'm digging the hat, too!!
What a cutie!!!  This is a coin operated Rudolph ride from the early 50's...$800 smackaroos and this could have been mine!  He even WORKS!!!!  The dealer let a child on it and rode to his heart's content!  I think his dad was trying to strike a deal...I hope they got it!!!
Who in their right mind would not go see about THIS sale??  I'm always in my right mind at the 127!!
So here's where the sign took me!!!  My eye went right to that table with the wheels on it.  That would be such a super great piece for the studio that I don't yet have, huh??  I didn't even bother to look if it was for sale or how much it need to punish myself any further!!!!
As promised from the above pictures, here is the business card for the cool booth with the cute pink shelf.  If you live near this area (Columbus) go check 'em out!!


  1. Wow Karen, looks like you had tons of fun. What a neat Yard Sale, just seeing the great pictures, I would have had a hard time waking away from some of the goodies.
    And yes, my heart jumped a beat seeing the pretty furniture with the gorgeous lamp on it.

  2. Diana, it's a wonderful time every year!! This sale runs through...5 states, I think!