Monday, July 30, 2012

Behind Door #1 is....

Here is a fab door that I got this weekend at The Bluebird Market (see previous post) and the second I laid eyes on it I knew it was PERFECT for a project I've been thinking about for my booth at shows.  I've been wanting something I could turn into part display and part advertising....via a chalkboard.  I have a large frame that I turned into one, but I wanted a DOOR.  This baby is grand because it is not tall, wide OR heavy....great for sliding in the car.  Those panels...LOVE them....and the tallest one will become the chalkboard.  I want to put hooks under it so I can hang a wire basket I have.  Think I have it all under control??'s where I'm stuck....

Anyone who knows me knows I don't do neutrals!!  My mantra: "Life is too short for neutrals!!"  I don't have them in my house, office at work, or even on my clothes, so WHY would I have neutrals at SHOWS??  Now, I have total respect for my fellow artists who use the black or cream table coverings...that's them.  But for ME, I want "BAM-In-Your-Face" color!  This is the fabric I chose for my table cloths.  They do have a burlap top to showcase my pieces, but boy...those coverings have drawn in more customers than I can shake a stick at!! 

Here is my booth at a recent show....see what I mean?? It's BRIGHT!!  But, here's my dilemma:  I want to paint that door (around the chalkboard section) using the colors in the fabric, but I'm just not sure on what DESIGN I want to do.  I'm not a painter by ANY stretch of the imagination, so needless to say--I'm LIMITED!! LOL!  Oh well...I'm out to the garage to at least do the chalkboard paint part...that's fairly mindless!!  If anyone has ideas, PASS THEM ON!!  Have a great Monday!!!!


  1. Do you have a scanner? Paint it the green of the background. Copy the flowers, cut them out, and decoupagethem.

  2. Hi! I'm just seeing this comment! That would have been a great idea...maybe for another project! Thanks!!