Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life is Too Short for Neutrals!

This has been my mantra for quite a while and anyone who comes in my house would testify to it, for sure.....not to mention my therapy room/office that looks like a Dr. Suess-fest!!  I'll admit it, I couldn't live in a world without vibrant colors.  When choosing colors for furniture that I paint or rooms, I often recall that first box of Crayola Crayons that we would get that for the first day of school.  The anticipation of opening that box (with the built in sharpener, of course!) was almost too much for me to handle!  When I would see them all sharp and lined up like toy soldiers, I  immediately dug in for my favorite colors: carnation pink and periwinkle.  It's no mystery that I have rooms in my house painted variations of those exact hues.  While thrifting yesterday, I happened upon a box of little spools of thread....all for $1.  Of course, I couldn't pass that up!  Even if I never use them (but I will), I could display them in my McCoy planter and just bask in the color!

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