Monday, September 24, 2012

St. Louis Dreamin'....Again!!

I get homesick...way too much!!  As some of you know (from previous posts) I lived in St. Louis for 20 years before moving to small town Kentucky six years ago.  I used to go back and visit a lot more than I do has gotten busy here.  I did make a recent trip home and captured pictures of why I love it so much...some are quite simplistic, but typical of the fun and quirky things I see and do there!  There is an out-of-the-way shop that I always frequent to get my butt out of the car during the trip.  This time I saw this table JAMMED with my favorite:  FIESTAWARE!!  I wanted every piece!!!
I always leave my house as early as humanly possible (with the help of a Diet Dew to help me wake up!!) so that I can arrive in St. Louis to hit my favorite antique mall..."Treasure Aisles"  I never go out of this mall (quaint and rather small) empty handed.  That day, I wanted the teal cabinet you see here!! 
Isn't she a beauty??  I saw her and fell in love...only to see that she was a bit too much for my wallet this trip!!!  She was part of a display at a gallery in Maplewood.
Sister was rockin' the bling, huh??  I'm not sure why I'm obsessed with mannequins, but if you look in previous posts you will see their naked bodies popping up all over the place!!  This one was taking in the scenery outside...a street festival!
As luck would have it, the St. Louis Craft Mafia was holding a craft show at their old police station down in the inner city right down the street from the Anheuser Busch plant.  This baby was parked just outside of the sweet, huh??
This sweet vendor was kind enough to pose for a picture just inside of her haven for all things vintage...I loved her dress!!
Another trailer had some yummy teas and drinks inside...the perfect place to chill before dropping some bucks inside!  See the wall behind her??  She painstakingly cut out strips of wallpaper from stacks of designer sample books and glued them to make a sort of quilt-like patterns.  I could have stood and looked at that all day long!!  She also papered the ceiling!
Loved the neat colors and patterns on the aprons sold by one vendor
This made me want to sing the theme to "The Jetsons"!!  So cute!!
Inside of the building were some of the cutest this one!  This gal had some many neat things and I LOVED the way she used that cute table in her display!  Note to self...look for a cool table like this!!!!
Another neat booth....loved the drawers and suitcases as display
As I was turning my car around to make my way back to the highway from the show I laid eyes on this house....isn't she something???  It looked slightly crooked to me, which only added to my love for her.  Look at the stone wall and neat rounded steps!  Oh, how I wanted to see the beauty within that house....but all I could do was snap a quick picture and dream of how I would doll up the garden after painting her exterior and hanging pretty wreaths on her doors!
When it was finally time to head home I sadly loaded my car and set out on the open road.  There is one little gas station that has some yummy candies that I like so I stopped...only to see THIS cutie in the field next to it!!  I almost jumped the fence in hopes that the car was by chance unlocked so that I could sit in her!!  I almost called just to see how much she was but stopped way to get her back here!!  The color was just to die for and set against that field and like a postcard!!


  1. I love the story of your visit to St. Louis, and I hope you can come back again real soon. I wish I could nudge Kentucky a little closer to St. Louis on the map, or maybe we can lobby for a bullet train to connect our two hometowns! Then you could visit the Lou every weekend!

    1. That would be awesome, Ann! I sure do miss all of my friends back there and wish I could somehow redo the USA map!!

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