Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are!

You may remember the cute door I got a while back...I fell in love with it and began to think of how to transform it to take to shows.  I wanted somehow use it as a sign / display piece.

At first I thought I would stick to a strict color scheme...yeah....that went out the door REALLY quickly!!  I just adore bright, in-your-face color!!

This door begged to be a blackboard, so on it went!  I found a bike basket at a flea market and thought I'd incorporate it into the door...on went the hooks

I loved doing the doorknobs and plates more than anything else, I think!!

More fun on the other side!!

Some of my previous "Wild Things"....two sad little pieces from a dresser turned desk.  I just put a piece of glass across the top and it became my desk in what is now called "The Dr. Suess Room" at work!!

Fun bed set

The psychedelic tulip set....went to a young girl, cute as can be!!

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