Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick Gypsy Bag

I had a wonderfully weathered jean skirt laying around that I had purchased a while back....just waiting for a little beautification--Ragged Gypsy style!  I turned the skirt a different way than I usually do...with the fly on the side...and stitched the bottom, leaving the glorious frays exposed.  I whipped up a bark cloth strap from a vintage curtain and then went to town on embellishment (my signature style!).  I made a flower pin out of upcycled jeans, put an old clip-on earring in the middle, found a pretty green glass button for the skirt's button and of course...no bag would be complete without the old skeleton key and bead at the belt loop!  I'm going out of town this week back to my hometown of St. Louis and wanted a fun bag for all of my jaunts!

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