Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two People....

I am rarely at a loss for words...anyone who knows me will tell you that!  But as I sat here staring at the empty post box, my fingers were stiff on the keys!  The best way for me to start my new blog is to thank the two people who made it happen.  First, Karen Valentine from Valentine Design and My Desert Cottage did the design work, giving me a great space with which to share my world.  I would be totally amiss, however, by not giving props to my dear friend, Sue, who has encouraged me and been my biggest cheerleader every inch of the way.  She talked me out of my doubt and hesitations about starting a blog.  Without her, I'm certain you wouldn't be reading this post right now!  I'm anxious (and a bit daunted!) to share my world of scraping and scrounging around for treasures with which to create!

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